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  • Love your luminations!Thanks for the great review - other brides have copied your cake idea since, a number of times. Happy Holidays and happy marriage! Sugar Sugar;

  • i love the things you have there although we are getting married in Miami it is very helpful and makes me see that i am not the only one a bit freaked out. -Monica

  • This is a great website. It will be very helpful for those who are soon to be engaged. Best of luck! Amanda

  • Great site! I am going to order some christmas gifts from them! Thanks! You are off to a great start! Love the pictures! take care, Stacie

  • Great site you've got here! I'll definitely be back. I LOVE the idea of the safari in South Africa for a honeymoon. I'll have to mention that one to my honey! -Erica

  • You have a fabulous site! -Françoise Shirley

  • I am so so excited you are dong this…not to mention ive already read 75% of it and im obsessed. Will you be my wedding planner?? -Jennifer

  • So, obviously already the highlight of my day, your blog is hysterical! It is so adorable - not to mention true! I could not have written it better myself, you totally captured the whole process…. -Bess

  • Love all of your suggestions!!!! Keep them coming! -Aimee

  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness and insight into the "wedding year" and what being married is really all about...-Beth

  • I have told everyone I have spoken to about how amazing your website is! I already bought one of your suggested books for my mom! Love the Longchamp idea, too. -Tracy


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The New Wife

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  • "...I realized people's expectations of becoming a bride are just short of literallybecoming Cinderellaherself..."

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